Wednesday, August 6, 2008

St. Pauli Girls, air quality, and the below 200 milestone

Bit of a hazy morning, likely due to Christof's send off last night. Thanks to Matt and Dawn for the beverages last night at Cuzzy's - last seen riding off on their pair of Surly LHT's. Nice meeting the both of you - and nice fenders!

Read this article published in the Washington Post. Nice write up on using a bike as a *gasp* commuting and grocery vehicle. Although I've not yet tried the "30-packs of Bud Ice on the handlebars", I do like the suggestion - I've only gone as far as a case of 24 on the bars. A highlight of the article:
And good riddance to the 1980s' and 1990s' craze for tank-treaded, double-suspension mountain bikes. The only time you ever found yourself "off-road," dude, was on the C&O Canal towpath.
Then read this one. If I'd been training my life for this event, you're sure as hell I'd take the advice of the US Olympic Physiologist and put that thing on - no chance this track cyclist would be breathing bareback in Beijing.

In happier news, Scott is below 200 pounds! All due to a tasty "slimfast shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible meal for dinner." My mouth is watering just thinking about those shakes...

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chris alme said...

The pictures from Beijing are crazy. Here is an article detailing how some other US Olympians are dealing w/ the air: