Friday, August 29, 2008

party like it's 0400

So the RNC warmongers are headed to my city next week. I'll be doing my best not to head into the suburb of Saint Paul during this event, but let's stay focused on the one positive aspect this visit brings... yep, the 4am bar close (at selected establishments only). Here's a short list of bars that will be open until 04h00 sometime next week:
  1. Aqua (never heard of it)
  2. Brothers bar & grill (never heard of it)
  3. First Avenue (sweet, I hope someone worth seeing is playing - although their permit doesn't allow for live music this late)
  4. The Local (been there once, wouldn't go out of my way to go again)
  5. Newsroom (never heard of it)
  6. The Saloon (haven't heard of this one either)
Come on! What about Palmer's, CC Club, Cuzzy's - someplace I might actually want to visit?

Honestly, I was getting excited thinking about the 4am close, but it might be just like any other night - stay until I get kicked out at 0200, go under a bridge and open a can from the bag - repeat until desired consistency established.

Piece out.


Jana V said...

The bars that wanted to stay open later had to pay $2500 for just 4 days. Not worth it for Palmers and the CC.

Antoine said...

So your bars usually close at 2am?
I thought America was the land of the free.