Friday, July 11, 2008

I announce my new Swallow Green Saddle with included bonus reference to my taint

Swallow Green

So a month or more back a Green Swallow from Brooks of England arrived postmarked from Italy. I mounted this saddle on my Steamroller a week or two back and have decided that I really like the feel of this thing, especially on the taint, which was getting a bit of a rather uncomfortable rubbing with a certain previous saddle.

The nice thing about this saddle, besides the price, which is about the same amount I paid for the bicycle frame it's mounted on, is that there is a serial number branded on the underside - in this case the number is 46. As there were 100 of these saddles made for the 2008 Bicycle Film Festival, mine is right inside the top half of the field, which is nice and will likely pay off for me in the near future. Perhaps this color and number make it a bit more difficult for some crafty bicycle thief to make off with this thing with hopes to succeed with it on the black market. Hopefully the chances are this thing makes its way back to me if indeed stolen.

I'll admit it got about 3 drops of water on it last night, well actually this morning at about 0330 as I rode through the sudden monsoon that hit South Minneapolis while riding home from the 1st night of the BFF. That was a serious storm, people.


Patch O'Houli said...

The fixster craze for Brooks saddles is disgusting. (Not that I'm calling you out as part of that Mark; put yer U-Glock away.) Why don't these people latch onto Members Only jackets or parachute pants? Leave the fucking holy grail of saddles alone. If rednecks started guzzling your favorite trappist ale at NASCAR races could you, would you still love it as much? You'd try, but there would be one big ass lump in your throat. I'm gonna go wash this Brooks lump down with some Budweiser and a sidecar of Miller Lite.


Anonymous said...
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