Monday, February 7, 2011

Stupor Bowl 14

I'm here to say that a good time was had by all. Like any race there is a lot of bitching about how the rules aren't fair and blah blah blah, but it's a race and Nick and Leif can do whatever the hell they want because "thems the rules." Nice job to the organizers and all who volunteered on this thing, by the way.

Highlights include meeting a lot of people from out of town, quite a few from in town, and of course riding all over the damn place. After a few post-race party stops, I got home at 0130 and was ready for some peanut butter on bagel, which I happily obliged myself, but I digress.

The Men's winner bags:
Men's Stupor and Speed Winner Bags

There are three manifests this time, you don't get the second and third manifests until you complete the first and second, respectively:
The first of three manifests

Roughly 300 racers heading out on the Le Mons start down packed trail through the snow; we can stop the race now, Frane up front there wins:
Le Mans Start

The stop at Nick's house (Motörhead is playing on the 15th):
Dude, dog, and Amy man the stop at Nick's house

Okay let's just cut to it.

Chelsea ends up winning women's speed (even after stopping to fix an early flat) while Erin takes 2nd in men's stupor:
Chelsea on the right, post win

Jana ends up taking second in speed, seen here before the race:
Jana, a frequent alley cat winner and favorite for the day

Women's stupor champ goes to Christina from Chicago:
And from Chicago, women's Stupor winner Christina!

The rest of the photos are here, wait until you're at work then take a gaze.


My new friend Rogelio has a few photos up.

Another flickr set from Levi.

MPLS bike love coverage.

And Showen took a few pic(s) as well - props for bringing yourself and Hoss up from Lincoln.

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scott showen said...

good times as usual, thanks for the hospitality.