Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowball's Chance Coming Up This Weekend

A bunch of local people are at NAHBS right now, enjoy it but try not to salivate on the frames, except if it's carbon fiber cause then there's no harm done there.

When times are bad, at least people can laugh. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any witty Robocop quotes to insert here (now give me Office Space or Lebowski and it's a different story.) I never did like that movie, it was supposed to be futuristic but the cops drove a Ford Taurus for chrissakes. Detroit will likely have to outsource that statue overseas.
Matt Bors.

In honor of the Discovery's last flight today, here's an in-cockpit view of a space shuttle launch, I think it's pretty cool (launch is at about 3:20). Only two more launches to go now.

And speaking of space, may Jebus help us:
I spent the day trying to talk with high school students at a career day...

And finally, that was a nasty cold, but at least I'm done with the worst of it; nothing but dry phlegm for a day or two and I'll be cleared up.

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