Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Uptown schmuptown

Anybody been to the newly re-branded Uptown MPLS lately? While it certainly has felt like 50th and France in the recent past, it sure as hell looks like it now. Here's a shot of the window display at Urban Outfitters showing a Steamroller with Thomson seatpost and wicked saddle; don't forget to check out that wacky rear brake cable routing. Why wouldn't they advertise their own shit I wonder?
[edit - Glen Senk, the CEO of Urban Outfitters, earned US$29,944,180 (That's nearly 30-Million) in 2009. Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Alexis Leondis. "How Much Is A CEO Worth?" Bloomberg Businessweek. May 10-16, 2010. 70-71.
The Thomson seatpost is fully justified.]

And flavour fans can now rejoice, Walgreens is now carrying this crap for only a buck a bottle. In their favour, there is a surprising lack of the HFCS, which of course is just fine in moderation, but then again so are a lot of things; oil spills for instance.

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TOMMY GUN said...

jesus that's disturbing. And funny, and fucking sad.