Friday, June 25, 2010

it rained tonight

Riding home with two co-workers tonight, we found shelter under a bridge; five others were doing the same, though on the other side of the water. This was taken during a lull:
Rode home during an intermission in the rain, nearly died when six cars in a row decided to treat the blacked out stoplight as a sign to test the maximum speed capability of their vehicles. Go humans!

Once home I changed into a bit of dry clothing before it started coming down harder, this time with hail. My neighbor stopped by and asked me to come outside.
A lot of neighbors outside, many with their cars flooded and/or stalled. One neighbor asked me for assistance; her car was running and wouldn't turn off. I pulled the fuse on the fuel pump, which killed the engine, but the fan, wipers, and lights remained on. Disconnecting the battery did the trick. She immediately asked me if I thought it was okay to drive the same car to Stillwater tonight. No, probably not a good idea.
@MPLSchick has had a bad couple of days; she got doored last night by a douchebag prick-hole, resulting in major bruises and confusion, a 5+ hour stay at the ER, and a diagnosis of a concussion. Tonight her seldom used car got the flood job:
Trudged over to the clogged storm drain in water above knee level and cleared it with my hands; five or so minutes later the street was no longer flooded. God must surely be pissed. I think he's trying to tell you all to hit the GCFS show Saturday night at the Nomad. That or it's time to build an ark; let's leave the mosquitos out this time if that's the case. And the light beer.
MPR story here.

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