Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Kiss that made him famous

We can say we knew him when he was just a yankee trucker-wannabe living in the cold, lonely confines of MPLS.

So Schreiner (right, or is it left?) has graduated from comedy college, earning himself a place on stage this past week in front of possibly a dozen laugh hungry revelers. Fortunately for the rest of us that a good Samaritan caught this escapade of merriment and none-too-soon posted into what should, based on viewers reactions thus far, be reclaimed hard drive space on some YouTube network far away.

Keep in mind this humour may not be suitable for you and it may indeed get you reprimanded or relieved from your job (we understand the pending DVD will include a laugh track as the sole extended feature):


John Waylon-Jones said...

that is maybe the best/worst pic of me and adam ever.

Sarah said...

I just threw up a little. But then I swallowed it.