Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ice biking like it's 1937; a brief tour through the MN Historical Society

Five points for correctly naming the lake:

Photograph Collection 1937
Location no. GV3.72 r16
Negative no. 9632

Then we've got these two expeditious riders; 600 miles, loaded up and truckin:

Photograph Collection ca. 1935
Location no. GV3.81 p47
Negative no. 78360

And finishing up with the 1930 Minneapolis cold sprint champ; smile for the camera Johnnie! Oh, and raise that saddle.

Photograph Collection 1930
Location no. GV3.47 p1


Mpls Chick said...

Lake Nokomis?

shawn said...

Nice find on those photos. I call Powderhorn - the East side of the lake?

. said...

Hm. Definitely Lake Superior.