Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ahem. clears throat. thanks for stopping by.

A few quick updates to get things back up and rolling:

Check out Dillon's photos and tour narrative; looks like he's having a blast and we're a bit envious of his travels thus far.

Next, perhaps it would be easier for Chris Skogen to make a list of who's not racing the Almonzo 100 this year; remember, postcards must be in by the end of the month or you're out of luck entirely. If you're already registered, don't hesitate to hit Chris up with a few bucks; he puts a lot of time and effort into the race and could use the assistance.

Yep, Marlin is still on his expeditions prior to the Apostle Islands push; love the photos and video.

Smile, the ice rutted streets are in better shape than they were just a few days ago; not great but better.

Finally, it's Hurl's birthday today; just sayin it might be a late night for a change.

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