Monday, January 11, 2010

The Slow Way Around

Our friend Dillon Hodapp and his Masi are at the time of this publication on a flight to Bali in the pursuit of cycling through six countries in SE Asia. Dillon just finished his Master's degree in mechanical engineering and has a few bucks in his pocket and isn't coming back until he has to; oh to be young, unattached, and free of any debt. It was just a few months ago that we were discussing his ambition to cycle the great divide trail before his ambitions turned to a solo trek much farther from home; we commend Dillon on his courage and ambition and look forward to frequent updates.

Check out his gear and his bike packing tutorial; we'd rather see a few pieces of clothing used to protect the frame instead of the pipe insulation, but then we're not much against a few scratches or dings; though up til' now we've had excellent luck with skimping on the extra padding. Our prediction is that his insulation is 86'd on the flight back home.

According to his internet diary thing, "I will be updating this journal frequently during my trip, so be sure to check back regularly and tell your friends." The other night said that if the journal isn't updated in a while that it's perhaps time to start worrying; either way, good luck to you sir.

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