Monday, September 7, 2009

A review of the Origin8 Propulsion Space Bar

So I'm riding back from the NE last night, skipped up onto a curb on a usual cut-through over a bit of grass when I suddenly find myself eating said grass:
Origin8 Propulsion Space Bar

I somehow managed to not break an arm, collarbone, or any other bone for that matter. After a while I got up and did the one handed ride back to headquarters.

And the next morning, in the sunlight:
Origin8 Propulsion Space Bar

So I'm on the lookout for a new set of handlebars. Any suggestions?

Almost forgot; we don't particularly recommend the Origin8 bars.


Jim Thill said...

I recently asked my Origin8 rep to stop trying to sell me Origin8 products. I have had a lot of unsatisfactory experiences with that brand, across the spectrum of products under that label, and have resolved to never buy any of it again.

Unknown said...

King headset, Origin8 bar???


...and good job aiming for that grassy place.

Linden said...

actually that comment above was mine... don't ask why.

Marco Esteban said...

Point taken Linden. The king headset is most ridiculous but was given to me free, wanna buy it?

Bloodclot said...

the "new" Origin8 Space Bar comes in two versions. Off-road, and non. The OR version is HEAVY-KEVY so come check it out.

MplsMTB said...

I had the same bar... luckily it never failed on me. I took it off when I heard rumors of them busting. Later I noticed the clamp area on the bar was curved. Seriously, the section of tubing where the stem grabbed the bars wasn't straight. I'm sure a snug stem puts some pretty uneven stresses on a handlebar with a curved clamp area. You could try the Mary, my guess is that On-One has better QC.