Sunday, September 13, 2009

recap and looking forward to what's ahead

The Handsome Bicycles 2010 product launch party went exceptionally well; we knew about the She-Devil, but we were surprised to see the Osell model; didn't think we'd be seeing that one for another year. No photos taken by our staff, it was hot inside and cool outside; what can we say?

Did you leave your backpack in a dark spot in the alley? You know, the one with the black Macbook in it. It's in the shop, give 'em a call, and you're welcome.

And for the two pricks that tried to tackle this staff member at 0230 while riding west on 24th St., you're giving polo shirts and flip-flops a bad name, and you're both slow as shit, I mean I had a slice of pizza in my hand and got away from you! A shout out to Slice of NY next to Hark's; thanks for not being closed.

Here's a photo to spice things up, it's a Batavus:

It's a new week, use it wisely; go and race at Babes in Bikeland this Saturday, for instance.

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