Sunday, September 20, 2009

Babes in Bikeland III

No fewer than 162 racers showed up for what can be only described as an event of monumental proportions, the third annual Babes in Bikeland Alleycat.

Jana schooled the field with a first place finish, turning her complete manifest in at around 7:20pm
1st place Jana, about 7:20pm

3rd and 2nd go to Amy C. and Alicia, respectively
3rd place Amy C. and 2nd place Alicia

Ashley takes 4th
4th place Ashley

While Dr. Lee rounds out the top 5
5th place Lee

Raise your hand if this is your first race
first time racers, raise your hand

Kudos to race organizers Chelsea and Kayla...
Race organizers Chelsea and Kayla

and of course to new (again) dad Gene-O, for the race finish locale
man of the night

Hats off to Kelly Mac, who not only came in with a top 10 16th place finish, but also ran a half marathon the same morning. Dang.

If you're female and ride a bike, you owe it to yourself to participate in this event next year. Out of the dozens of racers I talked to, all of them had a blast.

a few more photos here.

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