Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How is this considered an accident?

You hear about the lawmaker who ran the red light and subsequently ran over a cyclist? story here

"I ran a red light. I was just not paying attention." Said Rep. Fred Clark, a Democrat from Baraboo, WI.

He paid his $88 fine. All is well.


Hōkan said...

The biker was not without fault here. He passed the bus on the right while he was riding on the painted median. He seems to have timed his entry to the intersection for the light, but didn't bother to check that all was clear.

Blame enough to go around.

Marco Esteban said...

While I threw that post up pretty quickly, I didn't mean to imply the cyclist was not at fault. What I don't understand is that a driver of a multi-thousand pound vehicle runs a red light because he was not paying attention and gets off with a lenient $88 ticket.