Friday, April 24, 2009

Wool Socks - go to Stroker Ace on 34th and Lyndale

These just shipped in from Sockguy. They're pretty rad, as if'n you need me to come out and say it.

Seriously, these are as tall as a 40 is wide. And wool.

Wool socks, sucka.

Wear these, you might get some action; at least you'll be a leader in wicking perspiration from your skin. Comfy too.

Available big and small, relatively.

Visit Stroker Ace, 15-bucks per pair.


Ariah said...

great site! I just discovered it (via momentum mag!)

Looking for an Expert Biker opinion:

Fairly new to Minneapolis and getting ready to start bike commuting to the U!

We've got a great ride charted out along the Mississipi on the southside (River Parkway) and then just up over the Washington Street Bridge to the East Bank.

The only problem is I don't know the easiest, bike friendly way to get to the bridge.

On our trial ride we took the parkway to far and ended up below the bridge and had to climb a huge hill up. And on the way back we ended up walking down some stairs, across a parking lot and along Washington Ave till we found the Parkway again.

Do you know of the best route?

And preferably one that does not involve carrying your bike on stairs?

Marco Esteban said...

This seems like as good a place as any to discuss this, though mplsbikelove may prove to be more reliable, and provide a faster response.

Crossing at Franklin then heading up E River road is my choice, especially since WA bridge is closed to bikes right now.

You could go up 4th St, but that's a hill some may object to.

You could also ride north past WA and hit the #9 train bridge, which has always been a favorite of mine, but that leads you to another hill after the crossing - dang.

I'm not sure I know where the stairs are you refer to.

Best of luck and welcome.

Ariah said...

Thanks Mark! I did check bikelove and got a great response there too.