Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Artcrank - Minneapolis

Charles put on another great Artcrank.
Director Charles

Around 2330 my camera got taken out. I got it back at 0400 with 650 photos on it. I took some of those 650, hard to say which ones though. I was told there was a ball sack photo shoot. I'm relieved to say there wasn't; at least not with this camera on this particular night.

Melissa and bunch

Tam and Kelly - boots




Heidi's boots


0330 is whiskey time

more shoes

Ride home in the snow, at least it's not rain. In bed by 5.

Speaking on the posters, I think we all know which artists aren't getting invited back next year.

Oh and remember Brauer's stolen Salsa track bike? It got found and all in one piece too.
Salsa Track Bike - now just formerly stolen

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scott showen said...

i should have made the trip up, charles is a good guy.

looks like i missed out on the typical shenanigans.