Tuesday, April 21, 2009

douchebag junior

Yet another anti-cycling editorial, this time by hate-slinger Zach Colman, who's otherwise too busy "fall[ing] asleep at the wheel because I had to wake up for a worthless 8 a.m. biology lab".

My main disagreement with this piece of satire is his statement concerning the speed limit. Zach states that since bicycles might not be able to reach the posted speed limit on a particular road, then the bicycle should not be on the road; going on to state that cars drive faster than the speed limit. Remember what "speed limit" means - it's the maximum speed allowed under law, not the minimum speed like the author implies in his editorial.

And Zach, comparing bicyclists to Lance Armstrong is just silly, just as the drivers of automobiles should not be compared to Richard Petty - we're simply on our way from one place to the next, just like you.

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