Saturday, April 25, 2009

it really sucks

Gene let us know last night there were 2 separate accidents Thursday night, a few blocks apart from each other on Hennepin Ave downtown. One guy received broken bones, but Gilbert is in a coma at HCMC after being hit by a car. That's all I know and it really sucks.

Happy news, Lindsay got her jacked wheels back thanks to Zito; he set the thieves up by responding to their ad and with a face-to-face sale. With wheels in hand, to their face, "You aint gettin the $150 askin price, but, you aint gettin an ass whoopin either, as 15-20 of MBMAs finest surround the punk and his child of drug addict friend." Of course they then threaten they'll pull a gun on him the next time they encounter him, but those are just words, right?

Hit the grocery store last night on the way home, got some ice cream and burritos, all of which are still in my bag. Dang.

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j darcus said...

i left work just after the accident at 3rd and hennepin. this morning i saw the spray paint outline of his bike on the street. so sad. best wishes and get well soon to both...