Sunday, February 22, 2009

just scroll down to the last picture

Props to the Momentum ladies for organizing the Friday afternoon pub crawl around these here parts. The final stop was at 1/1, no surprise there.

Of course there are people from all over the country and world in town this weekend for the what-not down in the burbs. The who's-who of the weekend attendees know the best of the action is in the city, including a gathering of some new Italian and Taiwanese friends:
Italian and Taiwanese friends
Mauro in the pink sweater let me use one of his lenses, which made me giddy like a schoolgirl for a little while - it happens quite a bit, I'm told.

Dammit Jenn, that's the last 2-hearted! Yes, your attempts to position yourself into each shot I take finally succeed - you made a post.
Jenn gets excited

Gene and Hurl

Mark from Bikehugger made it. Amy and her Momentum crew bought me breakfast this morning, though they were 45-minutes late. Effing Canadians.
Mark and Amy

Smile and say goodnight:
and goodnight

The ride home was through several inches of freshly unplowed snow, doing our best to stay upright in the car tire ruts while avoiding getting hit by the all too common drunk driver.
Friday night snow

So I find myself awake on Saturday morning. I knew I needed food and soon to replenish my strength for the planned bifecta. Knowing I needed to conserve my strength to the utmost, I wisely chose to take my soulmate for a few buckets of KFC on the new set of wheels:
Finally, let's close this off with a few weekend tips:

1- the non-drive side pedal installs CCW, not as much on the drive side.

2- don't throw the bucket away, it'll come into use later. It always does.


scott showen said...

thanks for the good times this weekend. us lincoln folk had a great time.

TOMMY GUN said...

that last photo has what looks like a fucking Howard's Sirloin Stockade in the background. Snow sure melted fast....