Sunday, February 15, 2009

rider down, again

A friend of mine got hit by a car early Sunday morning. Car ran a red light; hit and run. He woke up in the ambulance and doesn't remember a thing about the incident. Seems there was a witness that talked to the cops, which helps tell part of the story but ultimately isn't going to do a hell of a lot of good. The good news is he's talking coherently, though he sure isn't walking. He spent about 12 hours getting patched up at HCMC and will be back many more times in the coming weeks. Of course we're all hoping he fully recovers in due time.

I sure as hell don't understand the mindset behind hitting somebody with your car and driving off, leaving them for dead. I don't give a shit whether the driver was drunk or not, owe up to your actions you fucking coward.

America; land of the free.

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Evan said...

People can be jerks, and for some reason while driving they tend to be bigger jerks.