Monday, February 2, 2009

51 Marlin Ledin 23 M MN USA

Marlin's account of the race.

Marlin is currently riding the Arrowhead 135 race on his Pugsley with self-built racks. Marlin, you're not showing up in the updates, hoping for the best.


[update] Marlin's still riding, there was a typo on the Gateway check (Martin Ledin 2:03pm bike). "Biker Marlin Ledin arrived at Melgeorges about 9:30pm."

[update 2] Bikers arrived Melgeorges and still here-- Martin Ledin 2:03am was a little nautious but feels good now and wants to go back out, ultimately dropped.


burnt said...

According to the Arrowhead Ultra blog our mispelled hero left the Gateway at:

Martin Ledin 2:03pm bike

Go Martin (sic)!

Linden said...

-29˚ without the windchill... son of bitch!