Monday, February 2, 2009

Stupor Bowl 12 - one perspective

OK, so the start looked something like this - I take that back, this wasn't the start, it was the pre-start gathering behind one on one:
the alley

I took a bunch of photos of the start, but they include people with alcoholic beverages on city property, so we'd better not go there. Mostly I don't feel like putting them up right now.

So then a few hours go by, I visited a few of the stops, though I was a DNR rider myself, for personal and religious reasons.

So then the finish party. I head downstairs for a minute, as it's just too gosh darn loud up there. I drop a fork on the prize pile, see Zito unconscious on the couch next to Skinny, who is carefully tallying up the manifests one... by one... by one... by jesus Skinny, hurry the fuck up!
the tally

A minute later Zito is standing up, somewhat heading for the stairs with an uncomfortable look on his face. There's a few people in his path, one of them being Bobby, who is right in front of me. Zito projectile vomits, twice, both on to the front torso of Bobby's sweater. The stench of bile fills the area, as Bobby tries to give everybody hugs. Meanwhile, Jay from FGAFJAL rolls over the mop bucket, tipping it over in the process, emptying the contents of the stank brown water over the floor, mixing with the vomit, before spreading under all the prizes on the floor - bags aren't absorbent are they?

So on to the winners, eh?

Zito took 3rd in the men's stupor. Here he is after taking a sort of stage dive after claiming his beer belt, thanks to Susan for her helping hand:
3rd place men's stupor

Trevor took 2nd in the men's stupor. Show us your junk:
2nd place men's stupor

And of course Nick took 1st in the men's stupor - props to Skinny and Leif for putting this year's show on:
1st place men's stupor

K-mac took women's stupor champ - two years in a row now for this winner.
Women's stupor champ

Austin took first in the men's points category - and he's from out of town for christsakes. Austin wins over the locals by giving away his newly won HED wheelset to the winner of some crazy game nobody's heard of.

Jerk Jeff took 2nd in men's points followed by Matt A. in combined third with 1st in messenger category.

The women's points race is all fucked up because Skinny fucked up the manifests - he's seriously under a lot of pressure so no worries. Steph probably got something as well as Amy C. and Marie or Carrie. I proposed to the organizers that the tracking for next year is all UPC bar codes - yeah I know, genious.

The crowd was large and thirsty - 347 entries, based on my tally of the manifest pile, which I in no way counted.
the winning view

We'll see each other again next year. Until then remember this - if you don't practice, you won't get the experience needed to be a stupor champ.
(the only) Men's stall at The Nomad

An aside - how many people ate shit on the assaultway going home? I rode faster than I should have and managed to stay upright the whole time. Next time pack hockey skates for the trip home.

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