Monday, December 1, 2008

this is how we do things in the country

So I got to spend the long weekend with kin folk down in Missoura.

My T-day was spent with the brother collecting wood and setting said wood on fire. This 14+hour blaze took a lot of foraging and hand sawing, which was assisted with tow chain equipped tractor and a cooler or more of cold beer - Busch and Bud's, to be exact.

Late in the night, I decided to make a few runs on the road bike down the hill towards the fire in otherwise complete darkness. One of these runs I find my front wheel stopped by a small mogul, and me subsequently slamming my face into mother earth. I ended up with a small concussion, which caused me to spend a bit more time resting the next day than I had planned, but I'm mostly recovered good and fine now, eh?

It's good to be back in the MPLS and feel the cold air.

In other news, I overheard today that all cycling related shit over at the CRC is 20% off until X-maz - do it.

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