Monday, December 15, 2008

midtown assaultway - a survivors tale

Read this story, though it's from a bullshit source, it's powerful and worth the read. Note that it's spread out over 3 clicks worth of pages. Please do yourself a favor and bypass reading any of the comments left on the above link.

I'm in agreement with a few of the comments left on my previous post. If people were getting jacked in their cars up on Lake Street, the cops wouldn't reply by telling people not to use that street, they'd increase their presence and add cops in an effort to nab the culprits.

I rode out to the river on Saturday night - took the side streets, bypassing this trail altogether. I've been fucked with too many times, a lot of those times on this "Greenway" trail, and am sick of riding alone in fear in a dark and secluded subterranean pathway, not to mention being the frequent and easy target for people throwing objects off of bridges at.

Speaking of the 'greening' of this particular trail, I've seen people hiding in bushes and trees along the trail on several occasions, and as Gene said a few days ago, it's only going to get worse when all the newly planted trees develop into maturity, creating a plethora of hideouts for heinous hoodlums. That last Alliteration is mine, but you can go ahead and use it.

Be careful out there - ride in groups - don't be afraid to take the streets after dark.

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