Thursday, December 25, 2008

effin a

Props to Common Roots for being open today. Also Cheapo Records, where I threw down a few for some fresh albums of choice. After that I went and threw down a few on the lake on my now annual ride across Calhoun. This time I chose east to west, solely to mix it up:
Lake Calhoun - beer stop

Other than that - I've spent a few hours in the garage today, sort of keeping things real, if you know what I mean. Bikes, music, and beer, that pretty much sums up my day - couldn't get any better.


Sara said...

Nice bag. Merry Holidays to you.

ritty said...

OK, I tried riding out on Harriet on Christmas, and got bogged down in some slush, after what, a week of subzero temps? Then I made the rounds to four southwest Minneapolis coffee houses, looking for a warm cupa joe, with no luck. I coulda just gone up the street....