Monday, November 24, 2008

You know you want one

this just in from Minx:

Team Pegasus has a real reason for you to give thanks this week:

The Ladies of Team Pegasus And Friends calendars are in stock and shipping the same day you place your order, via Priority Mail. Priority! See how important these calendars are? Plus, you're helping the children (via World Bicycle Relief). And the children will give thanks that you're appreciating scantily-clad ladies each month. Although we're not telling them that. No, sir, we're not.

So, get your orders in today. The print run was limited and we'd hate for you to be disappointed. And once you place your order, you can be sure you'll have your hot-off-the-press calendar in your hands within a week.

Plus, deciding to gift a calendar to all your bike buddies ensures you can stay in bed with your t(of)urkey coma and avoid shopping this Friday. And isn't that what the holiday season's really all about?

Get yours here.

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