Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm pretty much famous... does Bloomington and Richfield count?

I'm riding home tonight down in the quiet, dark, snow packed, residential streets of Bloomington, specifically the 8500 block of Knox Ave South, when a Dodge Caravan minivan comes towards me and yells out "Idiot!" to me as he passes by. Holy shit I think - it's one of my readers! I was going to offer him a sticker, but he blew through the stop sign onto 86th in somewhat of a hurry, not really in my style at all, but perhaps explains this potential difference in character.

So not 2-minutes later, on the very next block, another car passes in the same direction, the silent driver throwing out 2 empty cans of Miller Genuine Draft at me. Two readers back to back? Too good to be true, I think, however this last person surely must have been a casual reader, because the points are on the packaging, not the actual cans or bottles. And please, for the other readers out there - it's only applicable to High Life, not the Genuine Draft. Details, people. Hey, at least he meant well! Happy holidays to you too, sir.

A third encounter you ask? Too good to be true, but true nonetheless. I'm riding through Richfield, not far from my first recognitions, on the 6700 block of Oliver, when a dog sees me - recognizes me more likely - now running at me, likely to give me a kiss or to receive a petting. I'm thinking when I stop for one dog, I'm stopping for the whole city - and my wrist isn't about to handle all the autographs, not to mention I've got to get home to check on the High Life, so I push it just a bit harder, maintaining myself just out of reach of my newest Richfield friend.

Kudos to all of you for recognizing me in the winter darkness and with my winter clothing on:
another one of these

I'm gonna see if I can finish off the High Life in the fridge tonight. You're welcome over to help, but no later than 0100, please.


Antoine said...

That was your fifteen minutes, hope you enjoyed it.

Me [LFoaB] said...

Return of Papa Snowbeard Smurf.



Sara said...

Gosh I'm worried about you out there. Some crazy nasty people. I just had this bad dream last night, and I woke up thinking I hope Mark's OK...