Tuesday, September 9, 2008

get out and vote

If you're in the MPLS area, it's primary election day, so go ride down to your polling place and submit your damn vote.

MN voting polling place finder

MPLS voting page

My advice to you besides actually voting - go online and find out who is on the ballot - even print out a sample ballot - research ALL of the candidates and choose before you go vote. It's a hell of a lot more efficient knowing who all those funny names are on your ballot prior to staring at the back of the ballot with a pen in your hand, trying to make up your mind based on how their names sound. I go with my sample ballot filled out and I'm done with my ballot in less than a minute. Do it, yo.

Yeah I know, it's only the primary - I was the 98th person to vote in my precinct at 15.00. Sad.

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JIM said...

Gnarly. I was 89 in the 8th.