Monday, September 8, 2008

nothing wrong with a bit of crystal meth, in moderation - nor with sniffing glue for that matter. pass me another mountain dew.

Check out these two identical infomercials, I imagine they're being played on national television:

Hot damn, and to think I've been avoiding high fructose corn syrup all these years. Don't go believing the liberal media elitists when they try to sell you and your family about how fat you are, how you're going to die of diabetes, how the earth is warming, and how your Winnebago isn't a good choice for commuting into the big city - hockey moms and nascar dads know what's right for their families - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Amazing the influence of a few lies when repeated over and over and over. It's just corn, sillies.


Jake Scheckman said...

Moooooom, I don't have to eat my peas, really, I covered my daily veggies when I drank that liter of coke earlier...
I haven't seen the one with the moms, but the other one is definitely on national tv.

Ben said...

HFCS isn't any worse for you than sugar. Sucrose get broken down into about half glucose and half fructose. HFCS is about half glucose and about half fructose.

HFCS would be a total non-starter in the market if we didn't have an evil government getting in the way. Because of the high tariffs and quotas on imported sugar and the huge subsidies to the corn industry, HFCS is significantly cheaper in the US than sugar. Everywhere else in the world sugar is so cheap everyone just uses sugar instead of some highly processed corn goop. There's also the ridiculous labeling required by the FDA that keeps other natural sweeteners, like stevia, out of wider use.

In comparison to the other evils the US government inflicts on it's citizens, HFCS is one of the least bad. One does have to wonder why the corn industry feels the need to advertise though.