Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chloe derbies me down, more broken bike stuff - usual stuff

Four (4) of us rolled over to the gentleman Formerly Known as Large Fellow's house for a going away fest last evening. A good turnout and good times were had by all - Chloe completely outdid herself with the custom poster creations for each guest - I left mine there so as not to destroy it in my bag but already have a spot on the wall for it when it arrives. Had a derby session with the Chlo, and do apologize for taking her down a bit too hard one time - that finger will heal right up, I'm guessing. Nick and I put our heads together and decided it a good idea to hit up the store for a case of tallboys for our next stop - and I for one stand by that decision - one reason why I'm known as "The Maverick". So 6 (six) of us loaded up and rolled up to 1/1, arriving at 23.00 for the book signing tour bash. A good showing of good friends and neighbors greeted us upon arrival. The ever talented Sammy is showing and selling photos up in the main gallery space - get up there, check them out and help a starving brother out. My photos are still hanging from the BFF opening - make an offer. Somehow it turns out to be 04.00 and I'm in the alley with a slashed rear tire after running over a derby obstacle. Damn. I tried just a tube, nope. Got a new tire from the shop, which I have to return and pay for - that tube blows too. In true Maverick style I say screw it and ride home on the rim, sticking to the grass as much as I can - it's only 3 miles (4.8km), afterall. Thanks to Kevin for accompanying me towards my domicile via the grocery.

Deja f-bomb vu.
who's that girl?

04.30 - flat rear and out of patches.
flat tire ride

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