Saturday, September 13, 2008

stolen Salsa track bike

I'm down on the dock this afternoon waiting out the rain storm and am casually told Brauer's bike was just stolen - his fancy Salsa track bike, nonetheless.

from the ooo blog:
Ya never think its gonna happen to you. It only happens to other folks, right? Well, it happened to me. I got a bike stolen. Right off the back dock at OOOBS. Sometime around 11:00 today. My jewel bike. Dammit. Here's the description: Salsa scandium track bike. Red/Black paint. DeSalvo steel straight blade fork. Unbranded carbon tubular wheelset. Campy Record track crank. Salsa Bar/Stem/Post. ASPide saddle. Keep your eyes peeled. Pics to follow when I dig some up. -BP
this is bullshit.

Oh, and would you please quit driving while talking into your f-bomb cell phone. No, I'm not going to give you directions as you're driving down the middle of a bike lane down the wrong way of a major MPLS street.

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