Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday night post entry

Did anyone else go to the Artcrank opening party? I showed up a bit past 9pm after a few cervezas and margaritas, took the walk around to the front to go to the head of the beer line, got said beer, before pushing myself through a ridiculous ocean of people to get the heck back out to the dock. And while I'm not a weatherologist, I'm guessing it was somewhere around 97F in the studio with all the bodies in such close proximity - maybe not that hot, but it certainly reminded me of my days working in the engine room, so I followed my instincts and got back outside and none too soon. 10pm was quickly approaching, and while there were originally 5 kegs, they were to be soon rendered useless, based on a bit of extrapolation from the first 3 empties and two time points. A posse was quickly formed to retrieve beer from Sam's across the street. It's a good crowd when most people show up with beverages in their totebags, allowing for fresh drinks past 2am - these are my kind of people.

Highlights of the night include the photobooth and giving rides on Nate's candy-apple-red Big Dummy - I had two riders on the final trip before Nate decided to take back the key and locked her up. It was a good call on his part, there was talk about perhaps adding one more - just kidding, we took good care of it - thanks Nate. Oh, and I love riding through downtown after bar close - seriously, it keeps you on your toes as you pedal through police barricades and around freshly tasered bar patrons.

No photos taken by me - anyone else?


deplaqer said...


Do you have any photos of said candy apple red Big Dummy? My wife is intrigued.

Snakebite said...

I did take some pics. I'll download probably tomorrow.

Marco Esteban said...

None from me - sorry. It truly is a beautiful bike, though - Nate also had the xtracycle attachments coated the same color, so the whole thing blends perfectly together.

Snakebite - nice meeting you, or should I say nice derbying with you last night.

bridget said...

Good times!... even if I did miss the derby.