Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth day - get to know her

It's Earth day today, although I didn't know it until I checked the Google logo upon sitting down at my desk.

I commuted in this morning alongside a new friend - it's amazing how little traffic there is by simply leaving an hour earlier than usual. It was a good morning ride, no rain, cool riding temperature, saw a few friends along the way, heard the call of a loon, used my new bell a few times, said hello to a few joggers and walkers, waved at a few passing cyclists - in many ways a typical morning commute, but just a little better than normal - spring is in the air! Riding a bike is such a great start to any day - I highly recommend it.

On a different note - I need to come up with a thank you gift for Chloe. I'm thinking of inviting her to accompany my dog and me as we visit the dog park for a dog-swim and dog-run through the woods. Anyone have any other ideas? Keep in mind she's 8 years old and smart as Doogie Howser.

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