Monday, April 21, 2008

2 red balloons and a copper bell

A huge thanks to the Cutshall family for having me over for dinner Saturday night - it turns out it's not just a dinner but a surprise belated birthday party for me. Chloe pulled out all the stops for my visit; helium-filled balloons, a guided tour of the aquariums with an introduction to each of the fish, beer pours, delicious dinner, cookies, wrapped presents including one for my dog - all in all a very special evening. My hosts made sure I rode off with 2 red balloons attached to my handlebars, a giant tub filled with fresh hummus, a smaller tub of garlic sauce, cookies, and presents to boot. Good times, thanks again.

Here's a look at my favorite birthday present in memory - given to me by Chloe off of her own bike:
my new bell

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