Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Get Cranked Up on Art

Saturday night - whatcha doin'? I'll be at the Artcrank opening party at o.o.o.b.s. starting at 7pm. (that acronym was for you, Scott.)

Amy C. won't be represented - yeah, I know, WTF? She does have prints she made especially for the show - just ask her and she'll get you hooked up - she'll be there wearing bells (actually I made up the "wearing bells" part.) I've got her print #12/50 on hold for me, so no go takin' it.

Last year's party was a good time - Tommy Boy showed up before falling down:
biker down

Heck, there was even a visit from the Easter Bunny, fresh from a party where he was snubbed by Al Franken. Dress up in a costume all day and show up stinky to Artcrank and you won't be snubbed by anyone, or by some at least.
Easter Bunny

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