Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday and I'm Sick at Home

Feeling a bit under the weather - even called in sick to work yesterday. Managed to do a bit of riding last night, but am paying for it a bit today. I was going to do a long ride today to better prepare for the Almonzo 100 coming up, but ended up staying sickly around the house, with a lone visit to the dog park with the Butler.

My thoughts today were with the riders on the Ragnarök 105. The weather really couldn't be worse, although more freezing rain would have done it.

Fleck recently had one of his worst riding days of his life. His story brought up the memory of my first time riding the MN Ironman bike ride, a 100 mile jaunt through Minnesota's farm country. The Ironman now starts down in Lakeville, but my first time riding it was back when it started in Buffalo, MN. This is when I was in high school, mind you. So I head out there by myself, have no luck running into the 2-3 other people I know that are going to ride that day, I head out solo in my cycling shorts and jersey - an hour or so into the ride it starts to lightly rain - that light rain starts coming down a bit harder - rain turns to sleet - sleet turns to you guessed it, snow. I'm in shorts and a riding jersey, mind you - no jacket, no pants, no nothing. I pull into a rest stop at about mile 65 - I'm told, not asked, to get onto the sag van, which I have no problem complying. It's my first experience with hypothermia - I finally get back to the start/finish, get the f into my car where there are dry clothes and get home an hour later where I take a long hot shower. It took me a day or two to recover from that - I was just cold all over for a while. That experience was probably my worst time on a bike, and it was within the first few years after riding and I kept with it - that says something.

My friend Scott is back in the news, this time covering no fewer than 5 pages of Rivendell Reader #40. Also a 6th page written by his wife, Amy, with her take on the issue. Also also a 7th page by Bob Brown, the maker of Scott's frame. You have to subscribe to get the Reader, but it sounds like that might not be true starting with issue #41 - hey, it's the first issue in more than a year from this 'quarterly' publication, there can be no surprises.

Milestones. Today I'm 6-squared. Not too many squared years ahead for me - enjoy it and make the most of it.


Antoine said...

Happy square day.

Patch O'Houli said...

Sucks to be sick on your b-day. I'll buy you a beer when we're out next.