Thursday, April 3, 2008

ms-300 ride and artcrank update

So many of you know I'm doing the MS-150 ride in June. OK then, I'm upping the ante here to get a few more of you wafflers a bit of encouragement to pledge my ass. The ride is 75 miles each day on Saturday and Sunday - that's 150 miles. On Friday I'm reverse riding the 150 miles to Duluth from the National Sports Center - yep, you get 300 miles out of me - that's something like twice what the other riders are doing. Come on, how could you not help me out on this? Seriously.

And if anyone wants to join the company team I'm on, you get a free jersey, free beer and catered food on Saturday night, access to a masseuse on Sat night, and a bunch of other stuff. The money all goes to MS, so it really doesn't matter to me what team you're on, it's all good.

In other news, if you see me at the Artcrank opening party and ask nicely for a sticker, you'll get one - while supplies last, of course. Yes, you must be present to win. Offer void where prohibited (that's you Utah, Kansas, and Nebraska.)

P.S. - a lot of riders out there today. Fair-weathered riders, sure, but riders nonetheless.


Jim Thill said...

Good idea. I'll pledge.

I know a guy who did something similar. He found the solo ride to Duluth quite boring. Maybe bring some tunes or some dirty magazines.

Marco Esteban said...

Jim, you're a man and a half, thanks. We all know of course know that "guy" mentioned is you, Jim - I'll be riding in your trail on this fine ride.

Jim Thill said...

"...access to a masseuse on Sat night"

I recently learned that massage therapists resent the use of the word 'masseuse' because it connotes a less wholesome profession. Personally, if it means what I think it means, I'd take a masseuse over a massage therapist any day.

chris alme said...

hey, i'm riding w/ a group up to duluth as well on friday, if you want to group up, i'll give you the details...the more the merrier.