Tuesday, April 8, 2008

missing teeth and a ship of fools

I mean seriously, what's up with that missing tooth, B-Rose?

In other news, did I ever mention I was in the Navy? Good times, wouldn't want to do it again, and if it was now, I'd be in Canada or a friendly European country awaiting for a presidential pardon to be handed down again. Did I mention I'd have my bike with me? Yeah, totally.

Here we are pulling out of Pearl Harbor - I was in the back making the screw go roundy.
Pulling out of Pearl Harbor

And Scott, no worries, I was just giving you crap - take it easy for once... I mean damn!


deplaqer said...

I should be bothered by B-Roses missing #8, but for some reason it fits him well. Then again I never knew him before he lost it.

Me [LFoaB] said...

Now that's service!

Thanks man...