Monday, March 26, 2012

Flash Mob Attacking Cyclists - this time we've got a felony arrest

Police apprehend two individuals out of about seven from a flash mob attacking three cyclists on Nicollet mall this past Friday, March 23, 2012 at 7:45pm.  Antonio DeWayne Jones (DOB 2-22-1992 - 20 years old) of Brooklyn Park and "J.C.Z." (name not given due to being 16 years of age) both in a group that attacked bicyclists, throwing one from his bike, breaking his jaw, and a hoard of other bullshit you would think is not possible in our society.  Makes me fucking sick.  

// via Butcher

Read the 3-page complaint from the 4th Judicial District below.

What's sad is that the drug posession is what got him the felony, the riot third degree and assault fifth degree are only misdemeanors.


R. Kim Hardy said...

What is the statement, "Rich people attacking the rich." based on? Is that even relevant? It's people attacking people, that's what makes me sick.

D. Gillette said...

BLA looks to be one of the victims from what I read. Also, where does it note they are rich, and should that matter? Humans attacking humans is sick, especially when they are defenseless and essentially blind-sided while on a bike.

Unknown said...

agreed with the 'rich people attacking rich people' sentence - there's no substantiation and it detracts from the story.

also, the riot 3rd degree is a gross misdemeanor, not a misd.

Marco Esteban said...

Agreed. I retract my idiotic comment. I'm still fucking pissed though.

Biking Duluth said...

WTF! It's a sad sad world when crap like this happens.