Monday, March 12, 2012

Rock-It Bicycle Delivery

Rock-It has been going at it for a few weeks now and they're keeping busy.  We've called 'em for a beer delivery - just be ready to offer them one when they show.  It's legit.

If you haven't called Rock-It bicycle delivery yet, then you're just not lazy enough.  Call 'em for beer, restaurant take out, frozen pizzas, smokes, a fresh shower curtain, kitty litter, there's nothing they won't deliver.

612-HOLY-24-7 is the number for your quick and friendly delivery inside MPLS proper, and don't forget to tip the staff.

1 comment:

Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles said...

Isn't this roughly the same biz that Randy Dietel tried to start a few years ago before moving on to VeloVeggies?

It's a cool concept; won't be trying it out, though, due to my move to the 'burbs.