Sunday, March 27, 2011

A brief visit to eastern China

Just got back from a week in Shanghai and surrounding areas. Didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but traveling is like a drug - why sleep when there are things to see and do? Overall the trip was an adventure, and both enlightening and humbling. The people in China are just like we are, just like people all over the world; the one thing that seems to act to separate us is our governments, which we all seem to agree are nothing more than corrupt money-and-power-drunk hypocrites.

I met a lot of good people, both colleagues and strangers, and made a few friends who I will see on future visits. Hello to photographer Jason (English name) who I met in Wuxi, thanks for showing me around. Note to self: Sunday nights between 6-9pm, all you can drink Stella on tap for 150 RMB (about 23US) at Bluz Lounge in Wuxi.

A few scenes, mostly taken in the morning hours before I went to work. Something about being on the other side of the world and being wide awake at 4am everyday, no matter what time I laid down.

Flat tire repair on the side of the road in Wuxi, notice the blue electric motor assist:

Cargo bike in Wuxi:

Shanghai rainy commute. Everyone was either wearing a rainjacket or riding with an umbrella:

Pick-up style truck working on a construction project. The back was filled with bricks and dirt:

And a quick shot to see if people were watching me when I turned my back. Busted.

I'm ready to go back.


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