Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Slick-50!

This is a highlight of spring, a rite of passage before warmer weather is allowed to return to the MPLS. I'd highly recommend at least a rear fender, one long enough to even keep the person behind you clean; you will see grease and muck, oh how there will be the grease. Taking it down a cog may be beneficial, though practice makes perfect and the course and conditions are different from year to year.
Don't worry about that "no kooks" thing; I've seen plenty of kooks on this ride and they do fine, some of them anyway.

Recap of the 2008 ride, through the tunnel:

Another from the 2008, post-ride:
Slick-50 night stop

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Linden said...

vid: Always a treat to have Zito yelling "encouragement" just to keep everyone cool and confidant. It looked as though I was home free until Rollin put the pinch on and made me dab.