Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday morning and it feels like a week since last Friday

Spent a few hours working in the old lab at the U this weekend, good times indeed. This is one of the many former train bridges now relegated for pedestrians and cyclists; I don't get a chance to cross this one in daylight too often anymore:
crossing the Mississippi

Riding home the other night, I caught a glance of the sun going down on Lake Calhoun and had to make a detour. We have lifeguard rescue equipment on a frozen beach, an ice fish house likely filled with some guy drinking alone to forget about his family and problems (but I repeat myself), and a little color, which we don't get too much of in these parts:
sunset on Lake Calhoun

(dark) Tuesday night is going to be the full moon, eclipse, and solstice. I can barely contain myself.