Saturday, December 11, 2010

I don't think the hard stuff's gunna come down for some time

Walking around this morning, stopped counting the number of cars stuck, and most of these were on Hennepin Ave, a major MPLS street - don't drive, the shopping can wait.

Saw Tom and Rollin ride by, they were headed to Gigi's for food; I had already eaten. They had ridden about two blocks and were already looking to take a rest.
11DEC2010 - Tom and Rollin

The main streets are sort of in okay condition, but all the side streets are not; don't drive yet.
11DEC2010 - MPLS plow!

This is one of the many cars stuck on Hennepin Ave, a major street in MPLS.
11DEC2010 - don't drive today

11DEC2010 - take the bus

Keeping it real on the Pugsley. Bundle up and ride on, brother.
11DEC2010 - Surly Pugsley

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