Monday, December 6, 2010

the first weekend of December is behind us


Jeff over at Bikejerks hosted the 3rd session of the Bandit Cross series. The ride was through thick and fresh snow atop a washed out gravel/sand road for about four-miles. The tire choice of the day turned out to be in the 700-by-something-narrow genre. Two riders of the sixteen chose Pugsley's, which turned out to be the wrong choice for the day; unfortunately you have to ride what you brung, and I just got lucky.

Only four miles, but grueling. Advice of the day was don't stop for anything; getting any momentum after a stand still is harder than stopping to rest.

I rode the Steamrolleur with a fixed 42x17 gearing on 35mm Nokians, but was pushing too hard towards the end of the night and would have gladly accepted a 18 or 19 in the rear, but unfortunately missed the NASCAR pit stop (#3 RIP.)
Somebody mentioned this shot has been taken before, but that was after I took it and I'm not going to let it go to waste:
There weren't any hand-ups, but quite a few toss-downs towards the end of the ride:
Three of the sixteen decided it best to ride home, bypassing the LRT. Since the side roads are nothing like they once were around the airport (read non-existent), we ended up taking the looong way around and ended up a bit disoriented in old Fort Snelling. A couple hours and several bonking's later, we finished the ride and began our refueling for the next adventure; the legs were dunn for the day, to say the least.

Chapter 2 (Sunday Sunday Sunday):

Went and fired a few rounds into Zombie Nazis up in god's kuntry:
All in all a great weekend. Legs are still recovering, but am looking forward to the next one.

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