Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another win for the USofA

The question we all ask of ourselves: what is the best food to pack on long rides? Some pack energy bars, gel goo packs, pb&j sandwiches, sticks of butter, and the like. Well we were just introduced to this protein pack that might be the ultimate solution to any century riders food sourcing dilemna, and to think you can just pick it up in the drive thru on the outskirts of town. Rejoice, the gods are looking out for us. What's that, you're a vegetarian or worse yet, a vegan? No comment.

In other news, we just found a hidden Easter egg from last year, hidden in the laundry pile. What were we thinking?

Oh, remember that Urgent Care visit a few weeks back? Got the bill. Total charges: $159, total owed by patient: $100.80. What the fuck is the point of having insurance? Was forced into enrolling into this bullshit HSA medical plan, which "make[s] consumers more responsible for their own health care choices." That's where "responsibility" means seeking the advice of Google versus visiting a doctor, which of course will lower the cost for all of us! Winner winner Double Down dinner!

Get out there and ride, don't forget the sunblock and spare tube(s).

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