Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pat Starr, restaurateur and self-powered transportation creator; legit all the way

Pat Starr is the son of a retired mechanical engineering professor of the same name; while Pat lacks the formal PhD, he's definitely got the engineering bug. Pat can't seem to rest whether he's hoisting an engine out of a car in his backyard using ropes and a tree branch, welding together parts into a new cruising mobile, or fixing up his delicious fare on the west bank.

Pat showing off his latest creation, a brakeless, singlespeed, full suspension, city cruiser:
Pat Starr 20100421
He broke the steer tube off a rigid fork mounted on this the previous day.

One of his many homemade bicycle-based vehicles, this one a multi-pedal powered flatbed cargo hauler sometimes used to haul automobile engines to the scrapyard for cash:
Pat's Flatbed Bike
No, there are no brakes; "you have to plan ahead," Pat says.

Pat is a family man first; if he's on the town, it's common for his wife and kids to be close by:
The Starr Family

Proven that even he's legit, Pat made it on the TV channels; a clean shaven face, freshly washed clothes, and a shiny kitchen are a must for prime time:

While The Wienery is a bit of a different place than it was just a few years ago, it's for the better and we look forward to hundreds of more visits over the years to come.

Oh, and don't bank on those hours on the website; they're more of an idea than a schedule.

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