Monday, October 26, 2009

Anal adventures

You ever add the words "in bed" after your fortune at a Chinese restaurant? Well, walking through the parking lot at work today, the König tells us the game of putting the word "anal" before the model of car, for instance: Anal Escape. It quickly got out of hand:

Anal Probe
Anal Legend
Anal Explorer (Ford seems to have some pretty good ones)
Anal Trooper
Anal Blazer
and so on; you go ahead and try. What's your favorite?

On the other channel, here's what happens when you invite grown adults with a trailer into your backyard and they have Fleck friends with an unopened can of beverage just a few blocks away. Well in all honesty they sort of invited themselves:
Lazy Sunday

24-inch rear.
Lazy Sunday

This didn't always end too greatly.
Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

A couple more here.

In the unrelated section, the front fender on the Globe Live is bent outta shape and made all sorts of noise on the way home; sorry to former V.P. Mondale, that was us that likely woke you up.


reverend dick said...

What's my favorite?
Duuuuude. What's anybody's favorite?

Anal Hummer.

kelly minx riordan said...

i always love the anal expedition!

Marco Esteban said...

Minx, give me a call.

Mpls Chick said...

Anal Thunder Bunny (Volkswagen Model, 2006)

kelly minx riordan said...

because you want to go on an anal expedition, or do you need me for another purpose?

Marco Esteban said...

We'll just leave it along, Minx; hope to see you Saturday!

Marco Esteban said...