Saturday, October 10, 2009

Take It Easy

Friday night, 11:45, heading south on Nicollet, approaching 28th St. A firetruck turns off of 28th onto Nicollet northbound, lights are off. It stops as we look right and notice a truck up on the sidewalk, on fire - cool. A few firemen run out of their firetruck as they turn their emergency lights on. Now the sound of squealing tires; the truck isn't on fire, it's on top of a downed tree it just killed, trying to recover, going forward but pressed against the brick of Marissa's bakery, burning a cloud of rubber in the process. Two firemen open the truck door and grab the guy; he's unable to stand up on his own - not cool. DWI apprehension by a fire crew less than 300-feet from their station. Cops hadn't arrived by the time we left.

This is the kind of truck he was driving; a Chevy Duelie 4x4, but red; a big m-fking mass of steel. Probably gets decent mileage, by the looks of it.
Be careful out there.

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